All seasons gear presents everywhere, no matter indoor or outdoor activities. Feel comfortable whenever you wear this zip-up jacket !


| Fabric : 100% Polyster |

| Size : S, M, L, O |




Customise service


Besides above standard styles, we also provide customise service for Zip-Up.


    Order Method

    • Step 1) Place an order and inform us the Zip-Up size, colour, pattern, logo to be put on it.
    • Step 2) Preparation will be taken place once we confirm your payment.
    • Step 3) Once we finish the design, we will provide you a design layout in soft copy.
    • Step 4) Any changes beyond the design, please let us know and we are able to assist.
    • Step 5) We will proceed the order after you confirm the design.
    • Step 6) Production period is about 2 to 3 weeks. We will contact you to pick up once the product is ready.


    *** Remarks : Please note that you cannot make any changes once you confirm the design.


* For further enquiries about customise zip-up, please contact us.